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             Since a youngster, I always was able to draw. However, it was not until some twenty years ago that I jumped into the world of color and canvas and, since I started in oils, I have found I prefer them for nearly all my work.

             Everything is grist for the mill because I find everything so unbelievably interesting. Subjects and styles, all had to be tried until the impressionists staked a claim to being my favorites. I enjoy this looseness because it allows more of one’s self to come through. This in turn led me to abstractions. In abstraction, I find that the worlds of colors, shapes and forms simply pour out of me and I enjoy “letting go” more than anything else.

             But a single abstract painting is rarely enough. I often find that the idea, which leads me to paint, cannot be fully expressed in a single work. This has led me paint in series. I now have two major series of fourteen paintings each. One is titled ‘Norse Mythology’, and the other, ‘The Boston Documents’. I have started a series on Las Vegas, in reality form, and I have other themes in mind.

             Another thing I discovered was that I enjoyed working with solid articles as well. I began gluing anything that was not standing still, onto my canvases. This work, raised collage is probably the best way to describe it, of necessity, is abstract.

             Finally, I bought a computer; which has unbelievably distracted me. This modern, frustrating marvel has led me into the world of fractals and Photoshop and has put many things on hold. A whole new world which seems to have no end, has opened to me.*** 

            This may seem to be the last step in a long evolution, but it is really only another rung for me in the exciting world of art. Free standing sculptures appear to be next. We shall see. However, I do not forget my roots. I have, and always will, enjoy flowing oils across canvas and doing, from time to time, all those other marvelous works which have led me to this day.

Edward R. Rogaishio



Image Sizes: 10 x 7.5 inches on 11 x 8.5 matte digital paper
Prices:  Archival: To 75 Years without noticeable fading~  $35.
US Shipping & Packaging: $6.50

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