With Photos from the Turn of the Century

A Bio filled with Hilarious Humor, Awesome Adventure,
Heart-Rending Tragedy, Spirituality, and Love

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"Awesome", "Incredible", "Must Read", "Eloquent",
"Hilarious", "Devilish Humor", "Inspiring", "Poignant",

"Whimsical", "Witty", "Wise", "Powerful Prose",
"Art of the Storyteller"

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Travel with the Artist
On a Journey of the Mind into the Realms of the Beyond!

Gallery One   -   Selections from:  'The First Fifty'


Ethos I                                                           Ethos IV



Ethos VI                                                         Ethose X



Ethos XI                                                         Ethos XII



Ethos XIII                                                       Ethos XVII



Ethose XXV                                                   Ethos XXVI



Ethos XXIX                                                   Ethos XXX



Ethos XXXII                                                 Ethos XXXVI



Ethos XXXVIII                                                Ethos XXXIX



Ethos XLII                                                     Ethos XLIV



Ethos XLIX                                                        Ethos L    


All Ethos Art is printed on archival paper with archival resin inks and
will last for generations. This art is available as Prints and
Special Greeting / Note Cards not available with other art works.
Cards are printed on archival paper and archival resin inks making the Card
Equal to a Fine Art Print and may be Framed!

The Ultimate card and Gift to your recipient!

May be used for any occasion. As Sympathy cards; we will print your favorite
Psalm or Verse.

These Special Prints, 7.5 x 10 are $100 for the No. #01 prints
$50 for all other numbers.
Cards are only $2.50 each and come individually packaged.
Shipping and handling $6.00 regardless of amount ordered. Insurance + $2.00


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