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Giclée (French: "a spraying of ink"):
A common term for fine art digital prints.

Giclée prints have many advantages over both the offset lithograph and the serigraph. The color available for giclée processing is limited only by the color gamut of the inks themselves. Therefore, literally millions of colors are available and the limitation imposed by the screening process does not exist.

The giclée process uses such small dots and so many of them that they are not discernible to the eye. A giclée print is essentially a continuous tone print showing every color and tonal nuance.

Giclées are printed on beautiful fine art papers, and the result is a print befitting the definition of fine art in every way. Giclée has the additional advantage of being reproducible, allowing you to "print on demand." This means that you only have to print what you need now and can reorder additional quantities as you need them.

Q: Can a print still be "real" if a computer is used to create it?
A: Giclée prints are not "computer-generated," in the common way we know that term. Instead, computers are used to control the complex and technologically advanced printers that create the reproductions, much as computers are used to create offset lithographs and, increasingly, serigraphs. The giclée process is simply a new and significant step forward in the creation of limited edition fine art prints.

Q: Why would I want to reproduce photographs using giclée?
A: Many photographers find the soft, painterly quality of giclée-reproduced photographs on fine papers to be very appealing. Also, photos reproduced in this manner do not have the reflectance of traditional photographic prints, a characteristic that allows you to capture more subtle colors and imagery without fear of losing them in the light-grabbing surface of glossy paper.

Who is making, showing and buying giclée prints?
A: Prominent artists like Robert Rauschenberg, Jim Dine, David Hockney and Andrew and Jamie Wyeth have discovered that giclées are excellent for creating original works, multiple originals or beautiful reproductions. Giclée prints in recent years have starred in shows at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Los Angeles Museum of Modern Art and the Corcoran Gallery in Washington, D.C.

But it isn't just high-profile artists and galleries who are making and showing giclées. Artists at all levels and in a wide variety of media are creating prints using giclée technology, and more are discovering digital printmaking every day. Buyers, attracted by the high quality and dynamic reproduction of giclées, have triggered a giclée explosion; while the fine art print market increases by about three percent annually, the giclée market is growing at more than 60 percent annually. In a $2.8 billion print market dominated by lithographs and serigraphs, giclées now total $160 million annually - and growing, mostly at the expense of much-more-costly serigraphs.

Copy reproduced from web article.

        NOTE:   Depending on materials used, Giclée prints can last from 25 to over 200 years before noticeable fading. Many types of papers may be used for various effects.                       

These are true archival artworks.


Giclée Prints ofArtworks in this Site:

Image Size: 10 x 7.5 inches on 11 x 8.5 matte photo digital paper

Archival: To 75 Years without noticeable fading~  $35:  
US Shipping & Packaging: $6.50.

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