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 * Edward R. Rogaishio *


Fine arts oil painter from impressionistic, 

to abstract, to experimental. 

Subjects include everything and anything. 

His studies include classes at

the Danforth museum, workshops with 

Robert Cormier, Martha Mans,

  Victor Petrov-Grinov of Russia, 

and video workshops. 

However, he is basically self-taught. 

He is a member of the 

Framingham Artists’ Guild and

 a former President and Vice-president.

 Also, he is a member of the Danforth Museum, 

         the Cape Cod Art Association, The Falmouth        

Artists Guild, the Southboro Arts Center, 

 and the Blackstone Valley Art Association. 

He has been accepted into the Fractal Art Museum 

 Enterprise and awarded the FAME logo. 

FAME accepts      

only the best professional artists and 

the highest quality works.

His artworks are in a number of private

and business collections.

His work has been shown in

 numerous group and one man shows

including Boston City Hall,

Boston Symphony Hall and Prince Menchikov's

Palace in Lomonosov, Russia.

For additional information 

  please E-mail: 


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