Photo Inspired Art
Digital Art Works

Gallery II

by  Edward R. Rogaishio

 These archival Giclee prints are the result of the Artist's creative use of Photography and the Computer. It has required a mix of Creative Innovation along with Modern Technology to make these true works of Fine Art.



 Harbor Master                                          The Hanna Sarah



       Guest                                                                           Hyannis Port



     The Point Gammon                                                                   Tied Up                



Breaker II                                                                         Breaker III


Golden Rocks                                                                    Heavy Surf     



                     Carolina Shore Birds                                                                 Motif No.1                              



    Moorings                                                                          Coming In     



Anticipation II                                               Sea Queen II


  Peter Dock vt                                          Rock Breaker II



     Rock Breaker III                                               Rocky Coast         



Giclée Prints of All above:
Image Size: 10 x 7.5 inches on 11 x 8.5 matte photo digital paper

Archival: To at least 100Years without noticeable fading~
With diligent care twice that time
Original Number #1 Print: $75

US Shipping & Packaging: $6.50.

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