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With Photos from the Turn of the Century

A Bio filled with Hilarious Humor, Awesome Adventure,
Heart-Rending Tragedy, Spirituality, and Love

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The Highly Collectible and Unique

         Fantasy Art of  Edward R. Rogaishio 

                                         An Original Story Told in Fractal Art Paintings


                                                                                       An Original Novel in Progress.  


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      Ice King                          Crystal Nebula                      Crystal Queen       

Deep within the Crystal Nebula is the world of the Crystal Lands.  

Here the  ill-tempered Ice King is the prevalent monarch but he is challenged by the constant warring of the Lava Lord in his attempts to flow his fiery molten magmas over everyone. Ar-Da-Kaalaa, sovereign of the underworld, must do constant battle with him to prevent world-wide disaster.

The beautiful Crystal Queen, having fled the Ice King with the help of the Dolphin Prince, has stepped into this incipient maelstrom, and pledged herself to creating a unified effort against the Lava Lord before the unsuspecting and peaceful kingdoms are engulfed.

However, the world seems doomed - until it is discovered that an ancient race of space travelers might be the planet's salvation.

   Lava Lord                                                      Ar-Da-Kaalaa   


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