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Journeys Within the Mind of
the Artist

After having built the two new Series,
Ethereals and Ethos
the Artist felt a need to just let go and let the artwork flow in whatever direction it wished and only then applying a final touch
that satisfied his inner sense of art.

Below is a selection from the First Fifty  & Seventh Fifty Collections of this "EXPI" series.



Partridge in a Pear Tree                                   Family Tree               




    Fire Rider                                                   Archipelago   




  Molten Mask                                              Find the Birds




      Maori                                                     Butterfly Seed




                  Bolt                                                  Shreds of Orchids      




Gold Mine                                                  Lava Flow




      Pregnant Vase                                                 Yo, Mama             




Fish & Shells                                                Snow Witch




Bald Eagle Falls                                             Green Briar    




Insectoids                                                    Wood Moth




                         Top Hat                                              The Black Stallion                 




    Jungle Bear                                              Yellow Butterflies




   Deep Sea                                                Deep Sea Diver




Solar Power                                                      Whispers    




          Why Three?                                         Finding the Emerald   




      Nasanality                                              Enough Already  




         Mammoth Hunt                                            Snowy Egret            




Nestling                                                         Gannet




   Amber                                                        Sunrise   




Brainiac                                                       Captured




 Prairie Drummer                                                 Ripple               




    Space Maelstrom                                     Lord of the Meteors      


All Experimental Art is printed on archival paper with archival resin inks and
will last for generations. This art is available as Prints and
Special Greeting / Note Cards not available with other art works.
Cards are printed on archival paper and archival resin inks making the Card
Equal to a Fine Art Print and may be Framed!

The Ultimate card and Gift to your recipient!

May be used for any occasion. As Sympathy cards; we will print your favorite
Psalm or Verse.

These Special Prints, 7.5 x 10 are $100 for the No. #01 prints
$50 for all other numbers.
Cards are only $2.50 each and come individually packaged.
Shipping and handling $6.00 regardless of amount ordered. Insurance + $2.00

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