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Selected Works of Vladimir Slepukhin
Lomonosov, Russia

Oil Paintings on Linen

Galleries I - II - III


Vladimir Slepukhin with Tatiana Proshkina, journalist, at the artist's studio, Lomonosov, Russia.
In the back ground is a panel he designed, one of a series with ceramic tiles.

Member of the Artistic Association of Lomonosov Artists, 'Kolorit'.
Vladimir studied Architecture at the Mukhina College of Art and continued his artistic education at the same college. He created many works in different techniques connected with architecture. His creative activity was appreciated and he became a member of the Union of Painters of the USSR.
While working for the state, he created numerous frescos, 
mosaic panels, sketches, and pottery forms for hotels.
Since 1986 he stopped executing state and public orders so that he could devote himself entirely to painting. Subsequently, two one-man shows were organized in Lomonosov. He enjoys the beauty of his native land and his favorite genres are landscape and still life. 
His works are loved and valued not only in Russia, but in Finland as well. 
During an exhibition in Kouvola, Finland, 45 of his works were presented and 32 were sold.
He was one of the Kolorit artist delegates to the United States during the Art Cultural Exchange event with the artists of the Framingham Artists' Guild in 1995. 
He hosted a Framingham, Massachusetts artist in 1996.
His works are in collections in the United States, Russia, Finland, Holland, England, France, and Israel.


 Gallery I
All these Paintings were created in the 
Lomonosov St. Petersburg area of Russia.

As of July 12, 2002 These paintings will be available only from the Canada or Lomonosov, Russia location. 
However, Giclée Prints of all the works in Galleries I & II will still be available 
                            from this Web Site  


"Fishing Schooners", in the Port of Lomonosov, Russia  -  Oil on Linen  -  28" x 36"



"The Chinese Palace", Lomonosov  -  Oil on Linen  -  26" x 36.25"



"The Chinese Kitchen", Lomonosov  -  Oil on Linen  -  25.5" x 35.5"



"Snowy Fantasy"  -  Oil on Linen  -  26" x 32"



"Waterfall in the Park"  -  Oil on Linen  -  25" x 19.5"  



"Gulf of Finland"  -  Oil on Canvas-board  -  15.5" x 19.5" 



"Evening Serenity"  -  Oil on Canvas-board  -  15.5" x 19.5"



"White Night in the Gulf of Finland" - Oil on Linen - 20" x 24"


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                                Gallery III


Historical Note: Lomonosov, Russia, originally was named Orenienbaum, which means orange tree.
This area was a year-round play retreat for the Czars. Catherine the Great loved oranges so they were grown here and made available year-round. Thus the name. There are six palaces in Lomonosov in an area now called the Park. Peter the Great gave his young son, a small army and naval group. Peter built a lake with ships, a miniature palace and a number of buildings. The Prince planned battles between the small army and navy in which they actually bombarded each other. 
A number of the palaces are being restored and visitors may tour the vast complex. The main palace is that of Prince Menshikov, a favorite of Peter the Great. He built a canal from the Gulf of Finland to the palace grounds so that Peter could more easily visit.


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